A Facebook Advertising Framework for Small Businesses

Facebook advertising for small businesses can be an incredible return on your investment. It can also can drive you nuts and make you want to bang your head against the wall (spoken from experience). There is so much you CAN do, that having an overarching strategy is key to avoiding sacrificing your money to the … Read more

How to get Google Reviews

It’s no secret that we think a robust Google My Business profile is beneficial for local business growth. Learning how to leverage Google Reviews as part of that strategy is vital in expanding your online visibility, credibility and competitive rankings. Whether you like it or not shoppers are reading the reviews posted on business review … Read more

It’s 2021 and Your Customers want Answers

Every customer who visits your website expects answers. If you can meet those expectations it will grow your business and raise your online visibility. If you’re wrestling with where to invest in your online presence, I’d wager to say that the best return on your investment is to create relevant information that answers the questions … Read more

The Future is Bright if Your Company can Adopt these 3 Strategies During the Covid-19 Shut-down

I’m writing this from my home office where I’m on Day 21 of social distancing and stay-at-home orders because of Covid-19 precautions. The speed of change in 3 weeks is breathtaking. I’ve spoken with a number of small business owners and non-profit leaders and there is no denying that the impact of the virus is … Read more

Five Digital Marketing Milestones for Small Businesses

Most small business owners want more business leads but don’t know the digital marketing milestones they need to get there. The thought of trying to get consistent incoming leads, increased website traffic, and a healthy online reputation is overwhelming. Not every business will have the resources to invest in the following milestones all at the … Read more

Website SEO Framework and Checklist

Website SEO tips and checklist

This post is written for all the leaders out there wondering if they should invest their time in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their small business website. By the time you’re done reading this, you should have a basic understanding of SEO, mined some invaluable SEO tips, and be informed enough to decide if it’s … Read more

7 Ways to Get More Customers for Your Small-Business

Your small-business is doing well, maybe even thriving, but you want to push your success further. Let’s talk about how you are going to drive your customer acquisition forward. After all, it’s probably the most important piece of your business plan. Many small business owners are busy from the crack of dawn until long after … Read more

Should I Use a WordPress Theme for My Small Business Website? Yes!

What are WordPress Themes? Simply explained, WordPress themes are website designs that are either ready-to-use templates, or bare-bones designs that allow users to build a theme for themselves. Divi, by ElegantThemes, offers up those complete designs. The aptly named Genesis, by StudioPress, is the framework that allows for greater creative freedom. In your quest to … Read more

Leveraging Facebook For Your Small Business

Is Facebook For Business Worth Your Time? As a small-business owner you have plenty of tasks on your plate. So, before you start adding more, you probably want to know if the new task is even worth your time. Most businesses these days have a Facebook page dedicated to their company. Should you be doing … Read more

Why Great Website Images Matter For Your SmallBusiness

Visual Elements Bring Life To Your Website “Visual Elements” can mean a number of different things. It could be the photos of your product or storefront, the smiling headshots of your employees, the informative charts and graphs that help tell your story, or even the videos that share some component of who you are or … Read more