Transparent Scope of Service: The Results You Can Expect From Your Center Street Website

  • You get a beautiful website that reflects your companies DNA and along the way you clarify your business message so that you start generating more business leads
  • You start growing a trustworthy reputation by providing a website that is modern, simple, and easy to use.
  • Make simple changes to your website if you’d like. Never lose control of your website.
  • Get an expert that can help you with friendly, non-judgmental design and tech support. We’re happy to become a part of your team.

Center Street also cuts down on your stress levels associated with caring for your website on your own. We are here to help and support you.

What's Included In The Website Design

Center Street websites are all designed by our team of web developers and marketers using premium Wordpress themes like Generatepress, Genesis, and Divi alongside amazing page builders like Beaver Builder. We've been in the Wordpress development world for years and are specifically trained in the industry best practices and marketing principles.

Our templates are small business friendly. All of our templates are modern, spacious, and considered for how they will help you generate new leads for your product or service.

The template designs are just the start, we also customize our templates to you and help you find the write business message that resonates with your browsers. Our collaborative customization process allows you to take designs, already beautiful and effective, and make them your own. We work with you to create a site that reflects your business so you can be assured your website is working for you to grow your business..

What's Included in Your WordPress Care Plan Service

Center Street will be taking care of the following for you behind the scenes:

  • Regular and timely updates to WordPress core and plugins. When you get a Center Street website, you get a WordPress-driven website. We’re happy to provide our services through WordPress as it’s the most powerful content management system today. Keeping WordPress and all of its functionality up to date is crucial for security as well as keeping your site running the most modern code. We take care of that for you.
  • All sites have the option to be hosted on our virtual private server. With Center Street you get premium-level hosting, comparable to hosting valued at $20/month. We can handle traffic spikes and large sites as well as small ones.
  • Ongoing maintenance of your template including security and speed optimizations. Just like WordPress core and plugins need to be updated, we are on top of maintaining our codebase as well.
  • We provide SSL certificates for all of our Wordpress customers to be assured of top notch security.
  • Regular security scans and backups. Your data is secure with Center Street. We both scan and regularly backup all of your website’s data and files, like images in your media library, on a regular basis. All of our sites are backed up daily.
  • We provide uptime monitoring. If for some reason your site breaks we will be notified immediately and get to work solving your problem. Combined with daily backups, this is the best setup for ongoing security and peace-of-mind.

How Your Website Development Project Works

  • For all of our website projects we include a special marketing consultation that is designed to help you clarify your message and cut through the internet noise.
  • Your premium Wordpress theme is picked just for your business niche and marketing goals.
  • Add your logo. If you have a logo file, we can size and place it on your site.
  • Add your colors. If you have existing branding assets, like business cards or brochures, we can match the colors. If you do not have colors, we can use inspiration that you give us.
  • Add and format your written content. Send us your content and we will insert it and add the formatting that it needs for the web. *number of pages defined by your proposal
  • Add your photos. Send us photos and we will insert them into any page or post.
  • Connect social media accounts. All Center Street sites feature a social media integration. We will insert and test the links for you.
  • Connect email list opt in forms. We can connect your email list optin forms to your email marketing software for you and handle any website-side setup like thank you pages or confirmation pages.
  • Link your web donation or payment forms.
  • Hook up Google Analytics. Every Center Street website will be connected to Google Analytics account.
  • Content migration (10 pages, 20 posts). If you already have a website elsewhere, we will migrate your current website’s content (*number of pages defined by your proposal agreement). We can grab content from any platform.
  • Create a contact form for you and link it to the correct email account
  • We offer e-commerce solutions utilizing Woocommerce.

What’s Included in Your Ongoing Website Assistance Service

When you are with Center Street, you get access to our ongoing website assistance services. For our BASIC plan we offer up to 30 minutes of support a month. For our Premium plan we include unlimited 20 minute support jobs.

It’s like having your own website assistant helping you with your website. Here are examples of tasks that we can help you with:

  • Setting up new features or removing features
    • Setting up or removing a blog
    • Connecting or disconnecting email marketing software to your subscription forms
    • Adding or removing author bio boxes
    • Adding or removing social share buttons for blog posts
  • Integrations
    • Hooking up your google analytics UA code
    • Inserting code for any other software integration
    • Inserting links to your media of choice
  • Email Marketing
    • Connecting subscription forms to your email marketing software
  • Domain
    • If we have purchased your domain for you, we will renew your domain annually and bill accordingly as well as adjust DNS records as needed.
  • Inserting Media
    • Inserting and designing for increasing video views
    • Inserting downloadable and printable pdf forms (intake, releases, etc)
    • Inserting optin gifts like ebooks, for download on thank you page
  • Inserting Content
    • Inserting and formatting blog posts
    • Inserting, moving, changing images and logo files
    • Inserting PayPal buttons
    • Adding removing items from navigation
    • Inserting page titles or meta
  • Guidance
    • If you would like to learn how to complete any website assistance task listed, we can send you instructions.

We will provide you training videos

We empower you to get as active with your website as you would like with these videos and through reaching out to support as well.

  • How to add or remove images
  • How to post to your blog
  • How to add or edit links
  • How to use the Wordpress dashboard
  • And more…

Examples Of Website Assistance Requests That We Have Completed:

It can be challenging to read a long list of stuff we do and completely “get it” without some examples. So here are some examples from real assistance requests that we have received and been able to implement on Center Street sites:

  • “I am adding consultation service to my practice, here is my consultation page content, can you format the content of a new page on my website?”
  • “I have changed my biz phone number, can you change every instance of my phone number on my site?”
  • “I would like an optin form after every blog post, can you help?”
  • “I would like a featured posts slider in the sidebar of my blog.”
  • “I saw another Center Street member who has their picture and a short bio of themselves after each blog post. Can I have that too?”
  • "I need to embed a promotional video that my company just made. Can you help me do that?"

SEO That Is Included In Center Street Sites

We know that it’s important for you to get found through search results, so we have included the following foundational SEO services. These are the features and services that make further SEO tasks effective. Without these to start with, you cannot do further SEO as these are the technical and design level features that lay the foundation for all SEO.

  • Every Wordpress template we use is coded to best practice.
  • Every website that is on a website care plan has access to a premium SEO plugin that generates a xml sitemap that is submitted to Google automagicall helps google and other search engines access all of your content and start to rank you accordingly.
  • Every site is optimized for speed. During the setup of your site, we test your website to make sure it is loading quickly. Page load time is a factor in how well you rank in search engines. Slow ranking pages will rank lower so we make sure your site is fast.
  • Every site is mobile responsive. Having a mobile responsive site is an important ranking factor as google and other search engines have started to take into consideration if a site will operate well on a mobile device when someone is searching on a mobile device.
  • Every one of our sites is well-designed. The look, feel, and the experience of your website visitor influences how well you’ll rank as visitors that have a good experience are more likely to link to and refer your site to others.
  • All of our sites are connected to Google Analytics.
  • All of our sites are added to Google Search Console if relevant.
  • Additional in depth SEO service available through our  SEO package.

Any SEO task that is not listed here is outside of the scope of Center Street services. We are please to offer a SEO service designed to help you optimize the visibility of your website. 

Domain Managment 

We offer domain registration if you would like to transfer a domain under our control or purchase additional domains.

Domains that you would like purchased will be billed separately at $25 annually. If you purchase additional domains with us we are happy to redirect these to your website at no additional charge.

Center Street is not an accredited registrar but will register a domain in your name, manage the domain, and renew the domain yearly on your behalf. By agreeing to Center Street's terms, you authorize Center Street to be the technical, administrative, and billing contact for your domain while the domain will be registered to you.

If you decide to leave Center Street, we will help push or transfer your domain to you, your next website developer, or next website solution on your written request in a timely manner. We also will make changes, cancellations, or transfers to your domain name in compliance with ICANN policies (like for instance upon receipt of an order from a court requiring action). Please note that any domain registration fee's related to the ICANN registration process are non-refundable. 

We do our very best to renew domains on time but are not held liable if a domain fails to be renewed due to interruption in service of our registrar, your late payment, or for any other reason.

How Quickly We Will Fulfill Your Support Request

If you have given us complete information for your website assistance request, we will fulfill your assistance request within 24-48 business hours (usually 24). Please note that we only complete one request at a time.

If you have sent us an incomplete or unclear requests, then we will email you back with questions to help us get a better understanding of your request so that we can implement it.

For some website changes, like changes to menus, headers, footers, or pages that are already published, the changes that you request will go live immediately. Note that if there are errors in your requested change it may take 24-48 hours to correct it with a new support request.

What Is Outside Of the Scope of Our Service

We know how big of a task it is to be a small business venturing out to do their digital marketing alone. That’s why we love that we can fully support and care for the website tech and marketing pieces of that journey.

  • We do not provide graphic design, advanced SEO, content creation or marketing consultations as part of your Website Care Plan.
  • Website Care Plans do not include complex web development tharequire creating test environments and website migrations.
  • We do not support email service. We do not login to email providers (gsuite, zoho, outlook). We will adjust DNS records of domain registration if needed but will not troubleshoot email connectivity issues.
  • We reserve our content creation, advanced SEO, digital marketing strategy for our Marketing service and SEO clients.

How To Contact Support

We conduct all of our initial support request via our support request form. This allows our team to document changes and fulfill the request with care.

We're looking forward to helping you with your website. We’re here for you.


  • Payment and Renewal.  Payments will be charged on a pre-pay basis on the day you sign up and will cover the use of that service for a monthly period as indicated.
  • Automatic Renewal.  Any monthly of annual services will be renewed automatically unless you request cancellation 5 days before the end of the applicable subscription period. Your service subscription will automatically renew and you authorize us to collect the then-applicable monthly subscription fee for such service using any credit card or other payment mechanism we have on record for you.