What’s Next for SEO in 2024? (Is this the Year SEO Dies?)

A lot happened in 2023 in the SEO world. Google instigated a massive change in how we track website analytics with the intro of Google Analytics 4. Next up came the E-E-A-T content evaluation guidelines that took center stage for those wanting to level up … Read more

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4 SEO Pillars and 6 most Common SEO Mistakes

Listed below are the four pillars of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that we recommend focusing on to increase website visibility. We’ve also thrown in 6 of the most common mistakes that will hurt your search results. Read on to grow your foundational SEO understanding and … Read more

3 Google My Business Tips for Local Marketing

Every local business dreams of engaging with more and more of a local audience. Whatever the product or service you provide, at the core your business is about connecting with the potential customer and developing trust and your Google My Business profile can help you … Read more