4 SEO Pillars and 6 most Common SEO Mistakes

Listed below are the four pillars of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that we recommend focusing on to increase website visibility. We’ve also thrown in 6 of the most common mistakes that will hurt your search results. Read on to grow your foundational SEO understanding and then make some quick changes to grow your companies visibility. … Read more

How to get Google Reviews

It’s no secret that we think a robust Google My Business profile is beneficial for local business growth. Learning how to leverage Google Reviews as part of that strategy is vital in expanding your online visibility, credibility and competitive rankings. Whether you like it or not shoppers are reading the reviews posted on business review … Read more

3 Google My Business Tips for Local Marketing

Every local business dreams of engaging with more and more of a local audience. Whatever the product or service you provide, at the core your business is about connecting with the potential customer and developing trust and your Google My Business profile can help you do that. You already know we’re big on making sure … Read more

It’s coming May 2021: New Google Page Experience Algorithm Update will Effect Your Website SEO

Google recently announced, that in 2021, it will introduce the page experience signals into its efforts to provide the best search rankings. Is your business website prepared? We believe this update is a good thing as it keeps the browser’s experience at the center of search rankings and works hand-in-hand with its efforts to highlight … Read more

It’s 2021 and Your Customers want Answers

Every customer who visits your website expects answers. If you can meet those expectations it will grow your business and raise your online visibility. If you’re wrestling with where to invest in your online presence, I’d wager to say that the best return on your investment is to create relevant information that answers the questions … Read more

Website SEO Framework and Checklist

Website SEO tips and checklist

This post is written for all the leaders out there wondering if they should invest their time in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their small business website. By the time you’re done reading this, you should have a basic understanding of SEO, mined some invaluable SEO tips, and be informed enough to decide if it’s … Read more

Why You Need an About Page and How to Write One

Sharing Your Small Business Story Your small-business emerged from a small but brilliant idea. Perhaps you’ve known where your passion lies and have been working towards it since the age of 10. Maybe the idea came to you one night in a dream. Whatever your story, here is where you tell it. Imagine you are talking … Read more