Five Digital Marketing Milestones for Small Businesses

Most small business owners want more business leads but don’t know the digital marketing milestones they need to get there. The thought of trying to get consistent incoming leads, increased website traffic, and a healthy online reputation is overwhelming.

Not every business will have the resources to invest in the following milestones all at the same time. My hope is that this will give you the business growth roadmap and measuring stick you need to evaluate your business and be confident you’re investing in the right things.

Follow these online marketing steps to grow your business.

#1 – Is your branding and messaging clear?

Have you defined your brand, the feel, and the identity of your business? What do you want people to feel like when they interact with your brand? Have you clarified your messaging and value proposition? Do people know what to expect if they choose to do business with you?

#2 – Is your website converting browser to buyers?

If your website’s job is to create new business, is it doing its job? Is your website designed with up-to-date design, content, and best practices to lead people to contact you? Even if it’s a small website is it organized intuitively and does it help establish your authority and expertise in your market space?

#3 – Are your organic search results growing?

Are you uniquely positioned within search results to attract more searchers that want to see your service or content? Have you removed all the technical barriers keeping Google from finding you? Are you continuously measuring and optimizing your site to climb the rankings ladder?

#4 – Are you leveraging lead generating marketing funnels?

Are you ready to reach new audiences through strategic marketing funnels? This is a strategic way to capture new interested customers, grow your influence, and increase revenue over time. Examples include an email list campaign or a Facebook paid ad campaign.

#5 – Is your communication and content strategy growing your influence?

Do you have a clear communication strategy and goals to grow awareness, establish authority, and drive conversions? Are you creating content that grows your customer loyalty and helps you connect to current customers and new customers in meaningful ways?

Simple right?

Of course there are a million things under each of those milestones that you could do, but we recommend moving through those milestone methodically and thoughtfully.

Stay the course. Stay focused.

Do the little things that match your business goals, but keep one eye on these guiding milestones that will create long-term growth. We guarantee that if you get traction in all these milestones your business will grow.

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