7 Ideas for Generating Small Business Leads (How to Overcome the Attract Bottleneck)

Learning how to attract leads for your small business is huge part of small business marketing and key in hitting your revenue goals.

If you’ve identified lead generation as the next critical step in growing your small business, this article will give you the highest leverage ideas for what to tackle next. Get ready to increase the number of qualified customers coming through your door, calling your front desk and filling out your website contact form.

1. Clarify your business messaging

The power of small businesses is the ability to speak directly to your customers in a way that fosters trust and relationship. You need to get into the head of your ideal customer and address your customers problems with a clear solution. Take the time to understand the pains and problems of your customers. Understand who they are and what makes them tick. Get to know what is pushing them to make a decision and what the biggest priorities they have are.

Once you understand your customer, craft a clear message and value proposition that resonates with them and helps them have a clear understanding of how your product or service can save the day for them. Review all your marketing assets (website, slogans, brochures, ads) to make sure they align with your clear messaging.

2. Create a website that acts as a sales person

A professional looking website is one of the key marketing assets that will serve your business in generating leads. A home base that you’re proud of and works to convert browsers to buyers is an important piece of your overall marketing plan.

The best thing about a website is that you own it and have completely control, where as on other platforms you’re at the whim of policies and fads.

A website that is built correctly and strategically can harness the power of organic traffic and become a key sales tool by converting traffic into leads. Take a look at your website with fresh eyes and consider a website audit that will help you decide if you need a website refresh or rebuild.

3. Grow organic website traffic

Perhaps you have a beautiful website but have never taken the time review technical settings and overall search strategy. If that’s the case you’ve got a brochure that the right people are unlikely to find! Strategic search engine optimization could set your business on a new trajectory.

Although SEO is a long term strategy, starting early in your marketing efforts can help you on the right path. Consider things like keyword research, technical SEO and on-page SEO to take your organic visibility to the next level. Taking the time to optimize your site for highly targeting traffic can help you climb search rankings and attract more of the right type of customers.

4. Harness the power of local search

In 2020, 93% of consumers used online searches to find a local business. If you are a business that serves a geographic area it’s time to think critically about how to harness the power of local search.

Consider addressing things like making sure your name, address, phone are consistent across your website and online profiles as well as harnessing the power of your Google Business profile.

5. Create informative SEO friendly content

Google is really good at showing the right content to the right potential customer. Developing informational content on your website (product pages, blog posts, etc.) can help you have the right information in place that Google will show to customers looking for answers.

Consider creating new content regularly that matches the questions that your ideal customer is asking. Informative and valuable content wins the day here and helps position you as the expert in your industry.

6. Invest in paid ads (Facebook and Google)

Pay-per-click advertising can be very strategic for certain companies looking to generate leads quickly. We only recommend this if you have an overarching strategy and an existing website that converts traffic well.

If you’re looking for website traffic, general brand awareness or you have a specific offering that your want to sell PPC ads could be the right lead generating strategy for you small business.

7. Leverage strategic social media marketing

Love it or hate it, social media has changed the world and made your customers easily accessible. Social media is a tool that small businesses can use to speak directly to their customers. Strategic social media marketing can help you engage potential customers, build brand awareness and promote your products and services.

Hanging out where your customers is critical in keeping your business at the top of their mind. Identifying the top social media channels that make sense for your business and a developing healthy posting habits (hint: use a content calendar) will keep you sane!

Matt McComas is a senior digital marketing strategist at Center Street Digital where he helps small businesses grow their organic visibility and generate new revenue. If you’re a small business looking for help with a website, SEO or paid ads and would like to chat with him pick a spot on his calendar here.