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Why You Need an About Page and How to Write One

By Matt | Jul 13, 2019

Sharing Your Small Business Story Your small-business emerged from a small but brilliant idea. Perhaps you’ve known where … Read more

Should I Use a WordPress Theme for My Small Business Website? Yes!

By Matt | Jul 6, 2019

What are WordPress Themes? Simply explained, WordPress themes are website designs that are either ready-to-use templates, or bare-bones … Read more

Leveraging Facebook For Your Small Business

By Matt | Jun 29, 2019

Is Facebook For Business Worth Your Time? As a small-business owner you have plenty of tasks on your … Read more

How to Maintain Your WordPress Website

By Matt | Jun 22, 2019

Your Website Support Plan Everyone has a slightly different take on the best practices for maintaining your WordPress … Read more

Why Great Website Images Matter For Your SmallBusiness

By Matt | Jun 15, 2019

Visual Elements Bring Life To Your Website “Visual Elements” can mean a number of different things. It could … Read more

6 Ways to Promote Your Small Business Website For Free

By Matt | Jun 8, 2019

The Online World is Teaming With Free Promotion Tools You’re running a small-business and you keep getting hit … Read more

3 Ways to Boost Lead Generation For Your Local Business

By Matt | Jun 1, 2019

The Advantage of Local Small-Businesses Small-businesses have a number of advantages over large chains that can be effectively … Read more

How to Make Sure Google is Reading Your Website

By Matt | May 25, 2019

Search Engines Have a Big Job The internet is a global powerhouse of information and seemingly endless resources. … Read more

4 SEO Mistakes Small Businesses Make

By Matt | May 18, 2019

Search Engine Optimization is complex and time consuming, and yet it’s one of the best and most effective … Read more

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