What’s the Cost of Not Having a Small Business Website? (Updated for 2018)

It’s 2018… your business needs an effective website to compete. The cost of not having a small business website is HUUUUGE! We consider it as vital as that LLC license you purchase every year.

Your small business presence starts with a website. It’s your home base. You control it and it feeds all the rest of your digital marketing.

The difference between having a successful business or closing your doors could very well be a beautiful, effective website that is secure, updated, and optimized.

Here are 5 ways NOT having a small business website costs you.

1) People that are searching for you can’t find you.

93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. That is bonkers. There may not be a huge volume of people searching for your niche of product or service, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t potentially valuable clients or customers.

2) You lose customer engagement.

According to the LSA Digital Consumer Study of 2017, 63% of consumers use a company’s website to find and engage with a business.

3) 1/3 of consumers won’t consider shopping at your store.

30% of consumers won’t consider your business if it doesn’t have a website. Your website is your primary digital asset. Browsers expect businesses to have a website and consider businesses without one to be less professional.

4) It costs your business credibility.

48% of consumers say a website determines if they think a business is credible. A trustworthy business means your browsers are more likely to do business with your company.

5) Loss of an opportunity to answer basic questions quickly.

Who are you? What do your offer? How do people contact you? The businesses that are thriving are answering those questions with the click of a button.

Final thoughts

The cost of having a website is much lower than the cost of not having one. Only 56% of small businesses have a website. That means by having a website, you have a chance to be more competitive that 44% of them.

The cost of an effective website is actually much lower than you think. From DIY options to our streamlined packages we aim to get you online and moving forward without breaking the bank. Contact us today.

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