7 Free or Low Cost Website Builders

It’s no secret that small businesses need to establish a website to be able to succeed in this day and age. 97% of consumers use online media to research products and services in their local area.

Here at Center Street Digital we offer affordable, effective websites built for you and digital marketing that fit’s your niche, but if you’re not ready to purchase a done-for-you service here’s a few options that might suffice at a low cost or even free.

DIY website builders:

Of course each service has it’s pro’s and con’s. Some are easier to use than others with drag and drop interfaces. Others charge additional fee’s for e-commerce functionality or customization. Please do your homework before investing resources into any of these. You’ll want to make sure the service meets your needs and can grow with you.

Are these service legit? Absolutely! There is a reason these services exist. They meet the needs of a lot of people.

However, they all have one thing in common…

they are dependent on you learning their interfaces and building your site.

At the end of the day, no one else is going to actually build the site for you. You are the machine that will make it go. You will have to make decision’s about what goes on your front page, what pictures to use, what your navigation should be and where your buttons should go.

At their core, they are DIY.

Other things to consider:

Search Engine Optimization: If your business is dependent on organic search, please take a look at the technology provided to make sure it meets SEO best practices.

Business Messaging: Even the slickest looking website won’t help if your companies value proposition isn’t clear. Your website’s job is to move browsers to buyers. Doing the hard work of clarifying message will pay huge dividends for your web presence.

Additional costs: Does your service include hosting and a domain name. What additional fee’s are there?

Support: Is support included? Do you get to talk to real people that care about your business as much as you?

If a DIY service is right for you… then great! But if you’re ready to go pro and use a trusted service to design the right business website for you we’d love to talk.

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