Why our Website Care Plans make ense for Small Businesses.

Once your site is launched and you’ve picket a Website Care Plan you’ve got access to the best support team in the industry. Ask us anything, anytime. You are welcome to contact us if you get stuck or have specific questions about what your website can do. Our web design and digital marketing team is ready to answer your phone calls and emails as quickly as possible.

No cumbersome ticketing systems, or impersonal voicemail systems here. Consider us your support safety net.  We’re ready to serve you when you need us most and make changes to your site when you’re not sure what to do.

Here are the types of things we love to help out with (these are always included in your Center Street plan, no extra charge)…

  • Not sure how to make a change to your website? Ask us.
  • Too busy and want us to swap in a product photo for you? No problem.
  • Need advice on how to make your website look (and perform) better? Benefit from our experience.
  • Need help organizing the navigation menu in your site? Yes.
  • Need to add a ‘call-to-action’ button  to get more customers? Absolutely!
  • Looking for recommendations and ideas for marketing and more? Ask us about that too.

We’re always available to help you solve a problem,  make an update on your site or provide a marketing tip.

You also have access to more than 50 tutorial videos right within your wordpress dashboard and we’re literally a click away if you need help

We’re here for your peace of mind. If you have question about what is covered don’t hesitate to ask!

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