Does Having a Small Business Homebase (i.e. Website) Matter?

Your website has a job.

Your small business website’s job is to work as a main hub of information for people – especially if you’re doing something like promoting a new service or product, advertising free consultations or even just keeping your hours and basic information up to date.

Sites like Yelp and Facebook certainly matter and are key to building trust and credibility with your community, but they aren’t your homebase. Those social sites help you broadcast your message but they aren’t owned by you. You’re just renting space on those sites.

The general trend we see at Center Street is that websites tend to be the place people go for the access to basic and accurate information about your small business. They want to go to the source and they want to make sure they get the correct information.

A homebase gives you control over the content, the feel and the language that is used. The result is that your potential customers have the best possible chance at understanding the service or product you offer and can make a decision to become actual customers.

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