Why Most Small Businesses Are Losing Potential Customers

As a rule, your potential customer should be able to find you online easily, understand what your product or service does for them, and believe that you are trustworthy.

At Center Street Digital we’ve helped hundreds of small businesses build a lead generating online presence. These are the 3 most common suggestions we make to local small businesses regarding their online presence.

  1. Build an effective website that converts browsers to buyers. Stop confusing people and put your website to work for you.
  2. Grow a trustworthy reputation. What are they saying about you online? Let people know you care and that you’re listening.
  3. Grow Your Organic Website Traffic (SEO). Are you showing up where people are searching for your product and service? More website visitors means more business!

Certainly each one of these is important, but when you put them together it’s a beautiful thing.

These 3 foundational strategies work together to help you establish your business online and you can be assured they will lead to more sales, more fans and more business leads.