Questions to Ask Before Building Your Small Business Website

So you’re ready to let the world know your small business is here?

Before you get cracking building your new site, there a few questions to think through that will set you up for success in creating a site that works effectively to grow your business online.

1) What are your goals?

Take a look at your business. What is the next most important thing to do that will help grow your company?

Is it getting more phone calls to your front desk? Is it gathering an email list of 500 so that you can offer sales opportunities in the future? Is it simply having a clear way to contact you to take advantage of your product or service?

This end goal may change as your business grows and evolves, but having a clear strategy that drives your online platform is important.

2) Who are your ideal customers?

What is their demographic? What are their pain points? What problems do they need solved? What are the pressures they’re facing?

3) Why should they choose you as their guide?

Why are you uniquely qualified to solve their problem? What about your solution uniquely positions you to understand their problem and solve it?

4) What does success look like for your customers if they choose you?

How is their day changed because of your involvement in their life? What can the potential customer expect as a result of your guidance in their life?

Easy right?

If you can have clarity on these four questions and let the answers drive your website and social media copy, you’re absolutely going to expand your influence.

Your customers wants to know what to expect, why they should trust you and what difference it’s going to make in their life. The quicker you can help them understand you the better!

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