A Tip For Clarifying Your Small Business Tagline

If I was in charge of your website here’s what I’d do…

Clarify your tagline! Make it more about your customer and not about you. You can instantly make your website more engaging by changing your tagline to be more about your customers success that about how great your are. Here’s what I mean.

Compare these two semi-fictitious website taglines. ?

Highly rated website design and digital marketing.


Affordable, effective websites built for you

The first talks about us and how great we are. Pretty normal, but not that compelling and misses connecting with your customers needs.

The second shows the difference your solution will make in their lives. It addresses pain point of the customers… it won’t break the bank and it removes the stress of building it yourself!

It’s not easy to write a tagline. You’re distilling everything about your company into a few words. It’ll take some work, but clarifying your tagline message will pay huge dividends in your marketing efforts.

This type of thinking is built into every Center Street website build. We help guide you along the way so that your client understands you!


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