3 “About” Page Tips For Your Small Business Website

Why is writing an “About” page for your small business so hard?!!!

Our tendency to overcomplicate and prove our knowledge is so tempting. It’s called the curse of knowledge!  Here are three tips to think about as you write your About page.

It’s not all about you!

The About page is actually more about your customer (what they need and why they might consider purchasing your solution) than your life story. Keep it personal and keep your customer in mind as you write. Talk about their problems and how your business solves  them. Talk about your experience in meeting needs like theirs.

Shorten it up and make it interesting!

300-500 words is great. No need to go on and on. Make sure your voice is heard and be sure to avoid boring corporate jargon that doesn’t connect with your customer.

Add a photo and your name!

You’re a real person. Fostering a sense of humanity in your business is critical in today’s relationship driving culture. Your customer is more likely to purchase and refer you if they can see what you look like and have a sense of knowing you. Help people put a face with a name!

About pages are typically the most visiting page on your site. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with your potential customers.

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