3 Ways to Update Your Small Business Website Today!

Your small business has gotten off the ground and now your website needs some attention to keep pace right?.  Websites are continuously evolving and digital marketing best practices are consistently being updated. Here are some simple tips to update your website in less than hour.

Simplify your navigation. What do customer see when they visit your site? Are you asking them to do to many things? Make your navigation easy to follow. Makes your website copy clear and concise.

Make sure your Call-To-Action (CTA) is clear. I’ve got no opinion on George Hutchins except that his website is great example of what NOT to do. A website should have a clear CTA. This is the ONE THING that is most helpful for your customers to take the next step in engaging your business. Contact us, download a free resource, buy now…whatever it is, make sure your prompting your customers well. Our friends at Storybrand are great practitioners of this skill.

Refresh your images! Quality images are soooo helpful in communicating your businesses identity. Take a moment to search for some new images that communicate what your small business is all about. Ask yourself what customers should feel when they look at your website.

There’s certainly more you could do, but that will get you well on your way.

Website’s are almost always a work in progress. They change as your business changes. That’s one reason at Center Street we back our websites with amazing support AND we free you up to make your own changes if you’d like.

Thanks for being a part of the Center Street community. We love your small business!

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