59% of Small Business Owners Say Their Businesses Grew After Building a Website (i.e., Motivation to Get Started)

You read that blog title right.

According to a recent study commissioned by GoDaddy, 59% of small business owners say their businesses grew after they built a website.

Another mind blowing fact is that about 60 percent of very small businesses (made up of one to five people) don’t have a website!!!!

That’s no joke. If you own a company you are placing yourself at a competitive disadvantage by not leveraging a smart online presence.

Before you start to feel overwhelmed, just know that you’re not alone. We work with a lot of small business owners and the barriers they experience (technical expertise, time and cost) are real and significant. We also believe the barriers are overcome-able, and the opportunity is worth it for small business owners.

So if you’re ready to get started building a small business site, keep these three things in mind as you lean into the opportunity.

  1. Find a trusted guide. Whether you’re a DIY person or outsourcing your web presence and digital marketing, do your homework and get solid input from proven individuals and companies.
  2. Just start. Stop procrastinating. The opportunity is too big.
  3. Build a simple site. Don’t get stuck in the trap of thinking you have to spend thousands of dollars or have every pixel perfect to enter the online world. An effective site doesn’t have to break the bank.

Small business marketing is becoming more and more competitive and engaging online is a non-negotiable for most small businesses.

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