Real Examples – Website Care Plan Tasks

Great businesses are dynamic and consistently have new opportunities arise to take advantage of. Your business website needs to be flexible to grow and change as your business endeavors change.

Having an expert website team supporting your business is a fantastic resource and offers peace of mind that you have a trusted team available when you need it. Imagine being able to email your request to a support team instead of banging your head against the wall trying to solve something yourself.

Our Website Care Plans are designed to provide the majestical support you need to make changes quickly and thoroughly. Below are real examples of requests our team has solved in the last week, typically within 24 hours.

Real examples of recent Website Care Plan tasks:

  • Update colors on title headings on homepage
  • Export mailing addresses from membership subscriptions in order to send snail mail
  • Provide guidance on image file size for e-commerce shop
  • Resolve security issue related to website slider plugin
  • Add new member profile to directory
  • Change terminology of specific service throughout website
  • Add new page with profiles of staff team
  • Replace primary text on homepage
  • Add additional website page for new service offering
  • Update Instagram integration to show correct Instagram posts on website
  • Confirm that Google Analytics is correctly installed and provide access
  • Embed newly created Youtube video

The best Website Care Plans include proactive maintenance, security, backups and more. However, the thing that separates the best from the rest is the quality and speed of support along the way.

You certainly could take care of all these requests by yourself, or possibly find different contractors when you’re in an emergency, but consider the time, energy and stress involved. We believe that Website Care Plans are one of the best investments you can make in your peace of mind as a business owner. Learn more about what is included in the different level of our Website Care Plans here.