6 Reasons Genesis Theme Powers Our Small Business Websites

All of the Center Street small business websites are powered by our favorite WordPress theme, Genesis. 

This tool is one of the reasons we’re able to keep our front-end development fees so low to better serve small businesses that have less margin for digital marketing.

We’ve considered adding other themes into the Center Street service and we’ve worked with a lot of themes over the years, but we keep coming back to Genesis because we think it best serves our customers and here’s why…

When building a website that starts with a WordPress theme there a handful of things that will have long lasting effects on the quality of your website. Genesis does all that we need and more.

Here are six reasons Genesis Framework powers all of our websites.

  1. Clean and optimized code and smart design structures keeps your site search engine optimized.
  2. Responsive designs. Beautiful on any of your devices.
  3. Sleek, professional child themes available. Lot’s of variations to choose from. Find that perfect fit for your business.
  4. State of the art, airtight security built in.
  5. Updates are super simple and safe.
  6. Customization is easy with tons of widget and layout options.

We’re big fans of the simplicity and the power of the Genesis themes and we think it is the best option to power your small business website.

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